A long-term Search Engine Optimisation strategy is the core of your digital marketing mix.

Strong SEO has driven the growth of some of the biggest online companies on the planet. TripAdvisor, Amazon, Expedia, RealEstate.com.au, and countless other companies abroad and in Australia owe a huge debt to innovative SEO strategies and a commitment to incremental growth over the long-term.

It’s no secret in business these days that SEO has immense power to drive growth. But how do you make sure you’re one of the success stories and not just another one of those businesses which throw a lot of money at it but never seem to move the needle?

The simple answer is to focus on low hanging fruit, build the quick and easy wins and work over the long-term consistently to drive dramatic growth.

Our philosophy is driven by this simple logic and has helped our clients breakthrough and deliver measurable improvement.

How One Company Dominated their Niche with Pathfinder

This particular company recognised early on that SEO was going to be a critical part of their growth. But after nearly a decade of investing, and going through 3 separate digital agencies, growth had stagnated and they weren’t getting where they wanted to be. After engaging with Pathfinder, this client saw exponential growth which drove them to the top of their industry in the space of 12 months.


Huge credit to the Pathfinder team, we wouldn’t be where we are now without their guidance and expertise.

Lance Tapsell

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