Laser-targeted, highly measurable and scalable. Google Ads is the backbone of almost any digital marketing campaign.

While SEO can take time to build your site in the rankings and get to the top of the search engine results, Google Ads can deliver top rankings and relevant traffic immediately. 

Google Ads also leverages the SEO efforts and expands its impact by allowing for better understanding of search intent and the ROI of specific keywords.

Despite all its advantages, however, countless businesses try and fail at Google Ads and too often throw it into the “doesn’t work” category.

All too often, this is because of a few simple mistakes.

  1. KPIs aren’t clearly defined and measured using goal tracking.
  2. Businesses place too much trust in the Google Ads platform and lose money hand over fist on irrelevant searches.
  3. Accounts aren’t clearly structured based on campaign goals, and search intent.

The vast majority of our clients have already tried Google Ads, either in-house or outsourced to an agency, but simply haven’t been able to make it profitable. They see their competitors appearing consistently in the top ad positions and wonder what they are doing differently.

We follow a simple process when we onboard a new client.

  1. Tracking setup – With any digital marketing effort, it all begins and ends with tracking. If you don’t know how your prospects behave on your website and which ones take action (buy a product, fill out a form or phone you) you can never hope to optimise your marketing efforts efficiently.
  2. Keyword research – No one should ever rely on Google’s broad match targeting to accurately find your ideal customer. Before we spend a cent of your money, we make sure that we have a clear idea of how your potential customers search online so that we can structure your account, campaign and ad groups effectively.
  3. Account setup – Based on this research, we structure accounts so that the account has a strong foundational structure to build on. This means clearly defined campaign goals and properly segmented ad groups based on searcher intent.

If you’re looking to see if Google Ads is a good option for your business OR if you’d like an audit of your existing Google Ads account, we provide this free of charge to see if you’d be a good fit for us. Our free review includes a review of your tracking implementation, account structure and overall performance. Drop us a line in the form below.

How to Save $30,000/year and increase leads by 15%

One particular lead generation client had been running Google Ads for around 5 years with solid success while spending over $15k/month. From reviewing the account, however, Pathfinder identified a number of issues which were causing significant waste in ad spend. By rolling out a new campaign structure plus a few advanced AdWords strategies we were able to bring their spend down 16.25% (approximately $30k annually) while increasing leads by 13.68%.


Huge credit to the Pathfinder team, we wouldn’t be where we are now without their guidance and expertise.

Lance Tapsell

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